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Add A Preferences Stack


This tip was an idea of my friend. If you use System Preferences a lot, you may want a quick way of accessing the panes. This little trick is designed to show a simple and easy way to add such a stack to your dock. It does take a little bit of work to set it up. But the results are very useful.

To add a preferences stack we first need to find the preferences location. We will then make aliases of these preferences panes, copy them into a folder and then turn this folder into a stack. The preferences panes are located in three places. The first place is your own preference panes which are unique to you. This is located in ~/Library/Preference Panes. To make the files into aliases, select the files you want to be in you preferences stack. Right click on one of the files and select “Make Alias”, the alias will be made and the selection switched to these new files. Then copy this aliases to a new folder. I have made one in my home folder named “Preferences”.

That was the easy step. We now need to repeat the step for the other two locations. This is slightly harder and takes an extra couple of steps due to security reasons. The final preference panes are located in /Library/Preference Panes and /System/Library/Preference Panes. These two folders are locked, as a result you can’t write to them. To make the aliases, right click on the folder and select Get Info. In the Sharing & Permissions section at the very bottom click the pad lock and allow yourself right access. Then make the aliases, copy them to your folder and disable write access.

The final step is to drag this new folder into your Dock. It will then turn itself into a Stack and you should be good to go.

A cool little trick. It does take a while to get step up, but if you use System Preferences a lot, it can be a quick little way to get to your preferences quicker.

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