Changing Your MAC Address (Wireless) 5


Changing Your MAC Address (Wireless)


This is quite a cool little trick if you are ever using your Airport Wireless card and you need a new MAC address. This address is in the form of 01:d2:14:3f:ef:ff and is used to identify your wireless card. By spoofing and changing your address you can allow access to your network (for example if you get logged out), request a new IP address or do a whole load of other things. Its quite simple to do, it doesn’t yet work for Ethernet so you can’t change your LAN address.

This method is done in Terminal, the first thing to check is what your current MAC address is. This can be useful if you quickly want to revert back or are just plain interested. Type the following:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

It will then return an address similar to the one mentioned. Now to change your address simply type:

sudo ifconfig en1 ether a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6

This will then change your MAC address, you can confirm the change with the original command. You now have a new address which will let your computer get new information or let you into network resources where you have been locked out.

If you want to set your MAC address back to the original one, either restart your computer or follow the command with your original IP address. Pretty simple, I just wished it would work for Ethernet (en0) so I can get a second IP address to test stuff out on.

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