Exporting iWeb Sites To A Web Host 3


Exporting iWeb Sites To A Web Host


A couple of people have asked how do they export an iWeb website to an external host. For example they don’t want to pay for MobileMe but want to export their website. It is quite simple to do this. All you need is the no-how, and FTP uploader and a web host. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete and is quite simple.

To export your iWeb site you need all of the files and folders. The best way to do this is using the export menu item. Click on File > Publish To Folder. Follow the prompts and make sure you include all of the required information. This process will take every single file and folder and save it to a location of your choosing.

The next step is to find your files in Finder. There will be a variety of HTML, CSS, and images associated with your website. If you are new to web development don’t mess around with the files to much otherwise your layout and operation of your website may not work.

The final step is to use a FTP uploader. For example a program like CyberDuck works perfectly well. You need to connect to your host, for example Dreamhost find the main folder and upload the files. It is a simple process of uploading the files to the server. For more information on such a task, contact your webhost, they should be happy to help.

It is a rather simple process to upload an iWeb project. Export > Upload. The only problem with uploading to another host other than MobileMe, is the lack of the “advance” features. Although you can add those by tweaking the HTML.

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