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Funtastic Photos – Really Cool Photo Editing


Sorry for the complete lack of posts over the last couple of days. I have had a big Uni project to deal with and it soaked up all of my time. Anyway, today I am going to do a review of Funtastic Photos. They have bought a couple of advert slots on MacTricksAndTips so it is only fitting that I review their application they are developing. In a nutshell Funtastic is similar to iPhoto but really goes to town with the photo editing features. It is one of these applications which you can use to make amazing looking photos.

Using Funtastic

Funtastic is split up into three main sections. The browser section, which you use to manage your photos. It has a Finder style interface but has extra features such as favourites and other areas. If anyone has used Adobe Bridge it feels similar to that application. The other two areas area the editing stage, which is by far the biggest; and the printing sharing, which isn’t as big as the other two sections but very useful.

This program is all about one click editing. It is designed so you press a couple of buttons and a really good looking image comes out the other end. This program is aimed at people who are not a whizz with Photoshop or other photo editing applications, but want to make pages and images look amazing without having to spend a weekend trying to work out what to do.

The editing application is split into three areas. The image preview, the 1-click styles and then the advance options section. The one click items are designed so you can quickly edit photos. You can then tweak all of the options using the advance options. In the advance options section there are hundreds of options. You can edit both the top and bottoms layers. The top layer is usually your effects layer that you want to add, the bottom layer is your image.

There is a lots of features in this program, you really need a good sit down and play with the effects that this program has. It is designed so you can add those special effects to the images you take. If you want more information about what this program actually does read the blurb or download the app.


This program is good, I am not just saying that because they have adverts on this site. It uses all of the Mac technologies to make a really good application. The only draw back to this app is the time investment needed for you to really get used to how the program works. If you have a family holiday and a whole load of photos it will take a long time for you to go through them all using the app, but it will make your scrap book look awesome. This program costs $34.99 and is worth it.

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