How Long Has Your Mac Been On? 32


How Long Has Your Mac Been On?


I was wondering the other day how long I could keep my Mac on before an update or crash of some sort would require a restart. Thankfully the update came first (Mac’s don’t crash). I managed to last 14 days before I had to restart. I was wondering how long have you kept your Mac on, and did you experience any problems.

To find your uptime. Open Terminal and type:


Believe it or not, that will show how long your computer has been turned on.

At the end of those 14 days I was seeing Finder get a little bit slow. Things did start to hand more and more. This is probably due to small bits of memory taking up space and not being cleaned up effectively by the apps. Firefox did start to get very slow.

How long have you had your computer on for. I am sure Mac’s can last a lot longer, but I like mine to be upto date so the restart had to be taken. Did take about a hour to start up again after.

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