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Lorem Ipsum Coda Plugin


I love Coda, I have written about it a couple of times before, my inital review, tips & tricks and some Coda clips. In the latest version they have added a new feature, plugins. Although limited at the moment to the number of plugins available, there is a cool one which I thought I should share with you.

As a web developer I like to insert a couple of test paragraphs into any web designs I do, this is usually because I haven’t got round to writing anything useful and I need to test my layouts. Anyway usually I would insert some Lorem Ipsum text. But since I love Coda, some one has developed a plugin to do this for you.

First off you need the latest version of Coda, 1.6. I didn’t realise a new version had come out so I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out why nothing would work. The next step is to download the plugin. Head over to MacStop and download the file. When copy the plugin into Home > Library > Application Support > Coda > Plug-ins. Restart Coda if needed. You should then have something that looks like the following.

Then, when you hit each of the menu options it will add in a paragraph of Lorem Ipsum surrounded by <p> tags. Very nifty. If you do get a little bored of using Lorem Ipsum, I recommend this Text Generator, which provides paragraphs from famous 60’s shows.

If you want to find more Coda Plugins check out Panic’s website. They are limited in number at the moment, although I expect the list to grow as more developers add to the project.

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