Open Terminal Output Directly In TextEdit 3


Open Terminal Output Directly In TextEdit


Every so often I show a couple of Terminal tips and tutorials which show you how to output Terminal text to a file. Most of the time it it done with the following syntax:

command >> /path/to/file.txt

What that command will do is output it to the end of the specified text file. The problem with this is that it is a bit long winded. Sometimes you may want to the text in TextEdit, but you don’t want it saved to a file. Instead of using the previous try the following instead.

command | open -tf

What this will do is output any text into TextEdit. Simple to use and very useful if you want to debug a script without having to save it to file.

If you want to take your skills with Terminal a bit further I recommend you check out the Terminal Category on this site. If you fancy reading a book there is a couple on Amazon that I regularly see mentioned and recommend, O’reilly Unix Geeks and Unix Under the Hood both are designed for Mac OS X and take Terminal further.

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