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Exporting iWeb Sites To A Web Host 3


Exporting iWeb Sites To A Web Host

A couple of people have asked how do they export an iWeb website to an external host. For example they don’t want to pay for MobileMe but want to export their website. It is quite simple to do this. All you need is the no-how, and FTP uploader and a web host. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete and is quite simple.

Increase Hard Disk Storage Space On Your Mac 10


Increase Hard Disk Storage Space On Your Mac

Disk space is a funny thing. You buy a disk, think it will last you ages and then half a year later you are pushed for space. This has happened to my MacBook Pro. The 120Gb hard drive inside is nearly full, and the 150Gb external drive powering both a Time Machine backup and some general storage is pushing 100% capacity. As a result I need more space. I am going to discuss with you today, how you can increase the disk space on your Mac by plugging in new hard drives giving you that all important space.

Welcome – SyncMate & iWrap 0


Welcome – SyncMate & iWrap

The last two banner sponsor slots were sold last night, as a result I would welcome SyncMate and iWrap. This post, for any new readers, is a thanks to them for sponsoring on my site. I like new sponsors since they keep this site running and enable me to buy beer. Anyway SyncMate is a syncing application which you can use to sync mobiles and other devices between your Mac and your devices. iWrap on the other hand offer various wraps for your iPhones and iPods.

How To Order Names In Address Book 0


How To Order Names In Address Book

I got a question from Ed a couple of days ago about how to order names in Address Book. The final answer was not as simple as I thought. As a result I have decided to share it with you. The question is this. How do you order names by first (or last) within address book?

Mac 101: The Dock 11

Mac 101

Mac 101: The Dock

As part of the Mac 101 series, I am going to move onto the Dock. The dock is a very crucial part of the Mac OS X system. A lot of your interaction with programs will belong here. For example nearly all of your commonly used programs will reside in the dock, plus any programs you are currently using. As well as this icons such as Trash, stacks and other documents will end up in your Dock. Its an important place, so you better learn how to use it.

Partitioning A Hard Drive On A Mac 15


Partitioning A Hard Drive On A Mac

I have a lot of hard drives. For example my internal disk on my MacBook Pro is split into to partitions, one for Mac OS X and one for Windows. I have an external backup disk, this is split into two, one for Time Machine and one for a bit more storage. I am soon going to get another disk to use as storage. What I am going to show you in this post is how to partition this disks so you can use them for more than one thing. It useful to have a partition. Its easier to split up files, and makes organising them easier. As well as this you can have more than one disk format on the same disk.

Extract RSS Feeds URL 2


Extract RSS Feeds URL

I use Mail for my RSS feed reader. Its free, built in and does the job I want it to. But there is one problem with Mail. There is no way to export the list for backup and future use. What happens if Mail crashes in somemysterious way. You would lose all of the URL’s. You could go back and try to add them all, but you will end up missing some. This simple Terminal script which I have found, solves this problem.

FixTunes Winners 1


FixTunes Winners

Last week I put up a post where you could win a copy of FixTunes. This post is designed to pick the lucky winners of this competition. There was a massive response (I think I got Stumbled) so there was lots ofentries . I have put all your entries into a random number crunching machine. The winners emails have been sent to the authors so you should get your serial soon.

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