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Quickly Write Accented Characters


In a multi-cultural, multi-langage world there is various different characters and letters which appear in every day language. One of the main characters which appear quite a lot is accented characters  (è). Normally you would have to open up the character palette find the letter you want out of the millions that exist and then insert it into your document. You would then have to repeat this process over again with the different characters. That takes a long time. But you can use a handy little shortcut.

To write accented characters press the Alt key and then the tilda key (`). This tilda key is also known as a back tick. It is usually next to the number one key. When you press this key a small yellow box will appear. Then simply press the letter you want to accent. These includes a,e,i,o,u. The result is as follows: à è ì ò ù.

You can also do this for captial letters, simply press Shift and type your letter you want to turn into a captial letter. For example: À È Ì Ò Ù. Another quick trick in accenting characters it to press and hold the character. You can then produce a whole line of accented e’s. For example ÈÈÈÈÈÈ. Simple

Although this is a simple trick it is very useful. I can now write Exposè really quickly without having to hunt for the character or just replace it with a normal e. No more hunting another reason why Macs are so cool.

P.S Sorry for the complete lack of posts. I have had loads of Uni course work all pile in, as a result this website had to take a back seat. I should have enough time for posts over the next couple of days.

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