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Good Saving Habits On Your Mac 1


Good Saving Habits On Your Mac

This was a request by Jim on recommendations for good saving habits. Everyone has the odd file thrown anywhere and it can be really annoying to find it again when you need it. Although you do have Spotlight to find the file you are looking for, it is often quicker and easier to find files by looking for them yourself. This post is designed to show Mac newbies (andveterans) good saving habits. It does work out better in the long run.

Throttling Bandwidth On A Mac 7


Throttling Bandwidth On A Mac

Since most of us have a limited Internet connection where we can only download so much data, it can be useful to throttle our bandwidth so we don’t use so much. This post is in response to a submission by Grant to the sort of tips he would like to see. Although you can’t specifically limit the amount of data sent by each person, you can limit your overall network usage. There are many applications out there that can do this sort of technique, although the ones I have tried are not that good. Just using Terminal seems to be the quickest.

Mac 101 – Saving Files 5

Mac 101

Mac 101 – Saving Files

As part of my Mac 101 series and a personal request from Brady, I am going to introduce good techniques on saving files. If you are new to the OS and have come from Windows saving files is slightly different but once you learn the tricks of the trade it is really simple. I can quickly navigate to deep levels on my Mac with the slightest of ease.

What To Do When You First Get A Mac – Update 5


What To Do When You First Get A Mac – Update

Its Christmas Day, hopefully Santa has brought you a nice new shiny Mac and you can’t wait to use all of the cool new features. This post is designed to be a quick guide on what to do when you first get a Mac. If you are reading this on your brandy new iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook you have passed step one (connect to the Internet and create an account). We now need to go to step 2 to make sure you have everything in order.

Finding What Preferences You Can Change 1


Finding What Preferences You Can Change

I mentioned a lot of tips and tricks on this site which involve changing preferences. Take a quick look through the Terminal Tag section of this site you can see what I am talking about. What I am going to mention today is a method of finding out which preferences for a program you can change. It again uses Terminal but enables yourself to take what you havelearnt for the Mac just that little bit further.

What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See? 16


What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See?

Since the Christmas Holidays are quickly coming upon us, it gives me lots of free time to actually do something on this site. Over the past 3 months University studies have got in the way. Now I have a lot of time and I can do some proper tips and tricks.

Increase The RSS Update Time In Mail 2


Increase The RSS Update Time In Mail

Sorry for the Mail centric posts this week. I have a couple of Mail tips and tricks I would like to bash out before I move onto other topics. If you remember the other day I mentioned about controlling your computer with Twitter. This uses an RSS feed to update and run commands. The problem with this is that the RSS default in Mail will only run every 30 minutes. This post will hopefully increase the polling time. I have ran both of the commands shown in this post and the second one does seem to work, although most of my feeds are a little slow to update anyway.

Open A Second iCal Window 6


Open A Second iCal Window

Normally iCal has only the ability to open one window, this is usually fine for most normal use. But every so often you may want a second window to spice things up, or to help you with your day to day iCal eventing. To this little trick is simple. It only involves my favourite thing on a Mac, the Terminal command line.

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