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Control Your Mac With Twitter


Quite a while ago I mentioned about Controlling Your Mac With Email. In a nutshell you sent an email to yourself or a different email address. Mail picked up the email with a set of rules, then is acted on a predetermined scripts to do something on your computer. This is useful if you are away from home and you want your computer to do something. You can make this even more useful with the use of Twitter. You can use Twitter from any mobile, making the service more mobile and useful. For example you can set you computer to load up certain program while you are coming off the motorway on the way home.

Setting up this system is really simple and it copies the main steps from the email section. They are as follows:

1) Make a Twitter feed for yourself.

2) Make sure you Twitter feed work with phone.

3) Add the feed to Mail using the handy RSS button.

4) Go to Preferences > Rules > Add Rule, set up a rule which would only run if the item appears in the RSS entry.

5) Test

Simple an sweet. Some tips. RSS will only refresh every 30 minutes. So if you have any time critical items it probably wont work. Another tip is to set up a separate Twitter stream. People may not want to see you shutting down your computer or asking it to defrag your hard drive.

If you want to find out a bit more about Twitter and want to read a good book I recommend these two on Amazon, Twitter For Dummies and Twitter Means Business. Both are good books and I recommend you check them out.

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