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Download HD YouTube Videos


I love YouTube, it is one of the best websites on the net. I love it even more since they release HD videos. I have been spending hours and hundreds of Gigabytes download really good quality videos. Anyway because some of these videos are so good I like to download them and save them for later use. This post will show you how to do it. There are two methods which I am going to highlight, the Javascript method and the Java app method.

The first step is the easiest. First find the video you want to watch download. If you want the HD version add &fmt=22 at the end of the URL. This will link to the HD video file. An example can be found here.

Once as the page has loaded, either drag and drop, copy and past the following into the URL bar and hit enter. This small piece of Javascript will set the video image to load as a download, as a result you can easily save it to locations on your Hard Drive.

javascript:window.location.href = '' + swfArgs['video_id'] + "&fmt=22" + "&l=" + swfArgs['l'] + "&sk=" + swfArgs['sk'] + '&t=' + swfArgs['t'];

Your internet connection will churn away. An average (guess) of video sizes. Normal video ~5mb, high quality video ~40mb, HD video ~150mb. A lot of space for a 10 minute video. But it is worth every second. The quality is so good.

The only problem with this piece of javascript is that it may not work in all browsers, there have been some difficulties. To get round this you can use a small Java program. It is a little more advance than the javascript, and it can save the videos with file names etc. The only draw back with the Java program is that it doesn’t like downloading in HD. I gave up looking for a program that would.

Anyway enjoy a little *hack*, it might not last that long. If you know of a better why to download YouTube videos please leave a comment.

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