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Mac 101 – Saving Files


As part of my Mac 101 series and a personal request from Brady, I am going to introduce good techniques on saving files. If you are new to the OS and have come from Windows saving files is slightly different but once you learn the tricks of the trade it is really simple. I can quickly navigate to deep levels on my Mac with the slightest of ease.

When you first open the Save dialog box you will see something like the image below. The open box will also look similar. Many of the techniques I mention here can be applied to opening files.

You should notice three things. The box where you name your file. The drop down menu showing “Desktop” and the encoding. The encoding section of the box will vary in applications and for the most part you don’t have to change. If you click on the drop down list you will be given a list of your Hard Drives main areas which are found in the sidebar of your Finder windows (Pictures, Music etc) and recent places. These are quick links to main areas where you can save your files.

The problem with using the drop down list is that it isn’t very specific. Brady’s problem was that he had to move files with Finder after saving them to his Desktop. You can of course get around this problem. If you click on the small down ward triangle where you name files you will be given a normal save box which you will have seen before.

Like with Finder you can navigate through your computer to the exact folder. You can use the view buttons in the top left corner. It basically becomes a small Finder window where you can save your files.

Saving files isn’t hard, it just takes a couple of minutes to work out what everything is and how you do it. If you are form Windows the second screen shot is very similar to the save dialog boxes you have seen before.

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