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Reducing Time Machine Disk Space


I like Time Machine, for my needs it is perfect. The problem is that disk space isn’t unlimited as a result you may run out. This post will be showing you how you can save those little bits of space so you can get the most out of your backups. Although it will normally delete backups that you don’t need you will eventually run out of space.

Areas such as /var/tmp, /var/vm and Library/caches are normally not included, these are temporary areas that are really not needed in a backup. You can add more to this list. For example if you go to System Preferences > Time Machine > Options you can add more areas.

The first areas I would recommend you to add is the Developer area. If you have installed the XCode package this is about 3Gb of space which you can save. This folder hardly ever changes. The files are stored on your hard disk anyway.

One of the best areas to exclude is System folders. If you select System from the root of you disk, you will be given an option to exclude either the System Folder or every system folder. This can be a massive saving. For example it will exclude all of those .DS_Store files and every other system file that isn’t really needed by a backup. On my disk it saved 15Gb, which is a massive amount which will always grow.

The final disk folder that is a recommended to be add to the exclude list if your downloads folder. Usually the downloads folder is a temporary storage area for files and folder, as a result it should be excluded from a Time Machine backup. You can have a real saving over time, take example all of those 50mb files you downloaded over an evening, they slowly add up.

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