View Thread’s Of Email Conversations 3


View Thread’s Of Email Conversations


If you have a full inbox like myself it can be very easy to lose track of conversations. You are emailing people back and forth and you have no idea what email belongs to which conversation, it is even worst of people don’t quote what you have been sent. There is a rather simple option called “Organize By Thread” which will organise your inbox via threads. Its not a well known option so I would like to point it out.

To organize your email conversations by thread go to View > Organize By Thread. Let your computer whirl for a second as it sorts itself out and you will be presented with a threaded view as shown below. I must admit that the example shown isn’t very fancy I have only just been using this feature a couple of days, but it has a lot of potential.

It does make seeing conversations a lot easier. I have yet to use it to its full potential but from the small email conversations I have used it in it works really well.

You can convert it back to normal view by going to View > Organise By Thread and unchecking the menu item. It will then revert back to a list.

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