What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See? 16


What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See?


Since the Christmas Holidays are quickly coming upon us, it gives me lots of free time to actually do something on this site. Over the past 3 months University studies have got in the way. Now I have a lot of time and I can do some proper tips and tricks.

What I am asking is what sort of tips and tricks would you like to see. For example over the past week or so I have done a lot of posts on Mail, this is because I use Mail a lot and I find a lot of examples which I can post on this site. I am asking what would you like to see. Simply because there may be a major section I am missing out on. Not every one loves Mail tips and tricks.

Post a comment below with the area you would like to see covered. Keep in mind that very small acute areas are unlikely to be covered since it will not be to every ones taste. Comment on it anyway, it may make an interesting read.

I have a couple of posts lined up for the next couple of days. I also have a really cool one for Christmas Day. If you asked Santa nicely you may be reading it on your new Mac.

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