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Clearing Your DNS Cache 6


Clearing Your DNS Cache

Every time you access the Internet and go to a web address you computer will store the DNS record in its cache. If you aren’t fully sure what DNS is, wikipedia does a great job on explaining the concept. Sometimes this DNS cache gets a bit old and produces errors. This was the case when I switched from Blogger to Wordpress on this site. It was bringing up the old DNS records and had my banging my head against the wall.

Today iCal Helper – Competition 56


Today iCal Helper – Competition

A couple of days ago I did a review of Today by SecondGearSoftware, its a little iCal helper. I really like the app and I have been using quite a bit over the last couple of days. The authors of the program have been really kind and granted me 3 licenses to give away for this app.

Some Quick Photobooth Tips 1


Some Quick Photobooth Tips

One of the apps you always try out when you first get a Mac is Photobooth. The web cam application which you used to take a picture of yourself and everyone around you. Photobooth isn’t a complex bit of software as a result it doesn’t have many tips and tricks associated with it. Below I have two which you may find interesting.

Tweeting To Twitter From Terminal 19


Tweeting To Twitter From Terminal

I love Twitter. Its such a good service. I think of it as Instance Messenger for the world. If you want to follow me, you can find my profile here. This post is going to be a little post which you can use Tweet anything from Terminal. Its useful if you want to set up a program or script to send results to Twitter. Its really simple to do. I’ll show you a quick one line method and a quicker method if you want to use this option more frequently.

Today – iCal’s Little Helper 8


Today – iCal’s Little Helper

I was approached by the guys at Second Gear Software to review their cool little app. I was only to happy to oblige. Hopefully in the next couple on days I should be launching a quick competition to give away a couple of licenses. In a nutshell Today is a small little application designed to show you quickly what you have on your calendar. Its a quick little application that is useful if you have a massive amount of calendars and want a simple clean view.

Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide 2


Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide

Continuing on the “Introduction” series, the previous two being AppleScript and Automator. I am going to talk about iLife. The big application package which comes with every new Mac. It features iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. As it is usualy with the intro series I will find various places on the net, in the program and in real life that can help you get to grips with the programs.

Welcome Sponsor – Clean My Mac 4


Welcome Sponsor – Clean My Mac

I would like to say hi to a new sponsor on this site Clean My Mac. They offer an app designed to clean up your Mac and get it squeeky clean. Although you can get free apps which do the same thing, you may be interested in a paid app. Try the program out see what you think.

iTunes $10 Competition – Winners 0


iTunes $10 Competition – Winners

If you remember yesterday I had a quick competition on an iTunes Competition. I had one $10 voucher which I couldn’t use so I am giving it away. Out of the 62 entries there can only be one winner. Using a random number generator I picked the following number won.

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