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Copy Finder Names To A File


Sometimes you may need to send a list of all of the files in a folder to someone, for what ever reason this is a really simple. There are two options, the simple “Mac” method, which involves drag and drop, or the more complicated but feature rich “Terminal” method. Both are easy to implement.

If you want to send a list of files in a folder. Select all of the files, then drag them into a Text file or an email. It will then process the list and display each one on a new line. Really simple. Make sure you have rich text turned off other wise you can end up displaying the images instead of the file names.

If you want to do this trick in Terminal where you can access more features simple type the following:

ls > file.txt

This will list all of the files in a folder and send them to the file called “file.txt”. You will first have to navigate to folder in question you want to list. You then have a file with all of the files inside of it.

With the list file command you can use all of the options in the command. For more information check the the manual page by typing the following in Terminal.

man ls

Its a simple trick, but could come in very useful. I reckon if you do a bit of experimenting you can get the list to display in other programs.

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