Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac 39


Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac


Although the title may seem simple, every so often a CD or DVD will get stuck inside your Mac, not matter how much you hit the eject button nothing will happen. It is stuck. Anyway this post will show you a couple of tricks that will hopefully help you eject a stuck disk. Most of the time waiting and coming back to eject the disk seems to work. But if that doesn’t work you can use some of the following tips.

1) Use Terminal. A quick trick is to use Terminal, don’t both with a fancy GUI lets get down to business. Type the following into Terminal and see if it spits out the disk.

drutil tray eject

2) Try from a different app. If you have iTunes, Disco or another program installed that shows disks up in the sidebar, use that program to try and eject the disk. A different app might just wake your drive up.

3) Use Disk Utility. Under Applications > Utilites > Disk Utility. Click on the drive that is not responding and hit eject. This, more often than not, will spit the disk out.

4) Restart. Simple enough do a quick restart.

5) Restart holding down the mouse. Although I have not tried this tip, some people have suggested holding down the mouse button while restarting. This should spit the disk right out.

6) Restart to pick a drive. If you have used boot camp you will be familiar with picking a drive to restart in. If you restart and hold option during the start of boot, eventually you should get the option to pick either your Hard Drive or your CD disk. At this stage try pressing the eject button your your keyboard. If it doesn’t open up into Mac OS as normal.

7) Shove something in the drive. If you have tried everything else and nothing happens you may have to resort to more drastic measures. With the computer off stick a piece of path in the drive trying to place it at the bottom of the disk. Try and either pull the disk out using friction or it will pop out. I have never tried this method but it can rescue your disk from what people have said.

8) Call Apple / Take it apart. If you are still in warrenty you could take your computer down to a Genius Bar or call up Apple, they should be able to take your drive apart and resuce your disk. If you are out of warrenty or don’t want to go to an Apple store you could always take apart the computer yourself. I am sure there is a tutorial on the internet for taking your computer and drive apart.

Hopefully you will not have to resort to methods 7 and 8. But if they do I wish you luck. You will probably break something in the process, but if the disk is stuck your drive is already broken so what is there to lose. If you have any more tips please leave a comment below.

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