Expose and Command Tab Trick 5


Expose and Command Tab Trick


The title may sound a bit weird but this little trick is quite cool. If you use Expose you will realise that you can view every one of one application and every window open at the same time. You can combine this effect with command + tab to achieve and interesting effect.

What you have to do is simple. Either press F9 or F10, or what ever key you have assigned Expose to, then press Command + Tab and select the application with the popup menu. What you can do is tab through all of your application, but have the advantage of seeing every window open of that application. Its pretty useful, if you have a lot of applications open and want to Command + Tab into them.

Only a short trick today I am afriad, revision and work around the house always seem to creep up all at once. I will have a couple of longer posts in the next week, if I can get work done.

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