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Extra Information Columns In Mail


This is another quick Mail tip that I have found to be more useful as I use it. Like most applications you can view extra columns of information in your Mail boxes. For example size, number, attachments. This can be useful for locating emails in the massive pile, sometime Spotlight wont cut it. For example I used this trick to find a specific email. I knew the email had a specific title and an attachment, I search for the title and then sorted by attachment numbers and the email was found. Simple and easy.

To Add columns to your email inbox is simple. There are two methods. You can either right click on the very top of the columns are (where the names for the columns resides) or you can go to View > Columns (slightly simpler but slower). Simply add or remove the columns you want.

It may be a simple tip but adding extra columns is useful. Most take up very little space. As a result you can find your emails quicker. Having a bit more information available to you makes your life a little bit easier.

If you want a bit more information about Mail, one book that seems to pop up a lot is “Take Control of Apple Mail” (UK Visitors) its a little advance, but is designed to take your understanding of Mail a bit further. From what I have been reading it gets excellent reviews and something you may wish to look into if you want to learn of of Mail.

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