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iCandy – A Unique Way To Share


This new and interesting app was brought to my attention by Matt. Its called iCandy, its a beta application that is designed for you to share your digital information in a unique way through the use of QR Codes. You can generate a unique code give it to a friend, they can then scan this bar code and red the information. I find its a unique way to share information (also known as hard linking).

This application is in “beta” and it does feel like a beta application. There are a couple of obvious bugs floating around in the system, but these will probably be squished as time moves on. This application is also free and designed to stay this way for the near future.

Actually using this program is simple although it takes quite a few steps. First you need to download the software (you will also need to sign up), once as you have the software you can then create your barcodes and hard links. You can add hundreds of different things to make a barcode. Since the QR is binary what you can add is pretty much unlimited. When you are done you can then print it off and give it to a friend.

The actual output looks somthing like the image below. That actual barcode is at the bottom of the page, the image at the top is a more visual representation.

When you receive the code, simply open the built in application (which is very small), position the bar code so your iSight can read it and it will automatically load the iTunes files, URL or what ever you have added. Simple.

I think if this catches on it will be quite a cool way to share present or gifts. It’s unique and different, you don’t see this sort of thing very often.

There are a couple of bugs with this program. For example when using the scanning and bardcode creation interface with the app, when you re-size the program buttons do overlap or stay stuck in one place. As well as this actually signing up and using the application is really long winded. There is lots of pages to look through before you get you application up and running. As well as this you do get a couple of emails before you can use the program. The signing up process is used so you can track what you have scanned online, although this again isn’t very useful.

Try this program out, it is beta but I am sure it will be developed and get better all of the time. As well as this, as a bonus any feedback they receive you give, you get a $10 iTunes voucher and be entered into an iPod nano prize draw.

I think this application is cool, it just needs a little bit of work.

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