Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide 2


Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide


Continuing on the “Introduction” series, the previous two being AppleScript and Automator. I am going to talk about iLife. The big application package which comes with every new Mac. It features iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. As it is usualy with the intro series I will find various places on the net, in the program and in real life that can help you get to grips with the programs. If you haven’t already got the program I would recommend Amazon since you usually get free shipping and its quicker than purchasing from Apple.

In The App

The help for all of the iLife apps is really comprehensive. If you go to Help > X Help, where X is the program in question. Here you get a lots of information and detail. Although its not a comprehensive tutorial and online guide it is a really good resource to find out how to start using the program. As well as this most of the help guides contains links to places on the web.


Help online for the iLife suite is really comprehensive, since the program is such a large part of the operating system a lot of people have put a lot of effort into comprehensive guides. I have split this section up into smaller sub sections.


As usual the best place for help is Apple’s website, here you can find a general introduction to the program in the form of tutorials , general support or hot tips. If you want to use more third party resources you can use MacZealots, or About’s general guide. If you want a couple of video guides have a look at Atomic Learning. I personally think the videos are a little old but still serve a good purpose.


Similar to the iPhoto section there is Apple support and tutorials. As well as this you could also check out Collage of Design Movie tutorials, you can also check out this interesting blogspot blog on iMovie. Usually the best way to find help is to Google your specific question.


Once again the first two places to check out are Apple tutorials and support. Once again the website About, is a good site to check out. Two sites which seems to be mentioned regularly is this one, and the GarageDoor.


iWeb is one of the newest apps which means there isn’t a lot of tutorials and guides dedicated to the program. Once again there is Apple’s two recommended sites, tutorials and support. The best way to find your solution is to Google your question and hope someone else has written a solution.


To finish off the online section of this post we have iDVD, once again there is the support section and the tutorials section of Apples Website. There is some good resources on utexas, about and this final website.

In A Book

There is hundreds of books for iLife. For example there is this General iLife Book and iLife for Dummies. There are of course more specialized books for each of the different applications. Since iLife 09 has only just come out, most of the books are slightly out of date, but most will be fine.


There is three types of books that reoccur frequently there is the cheap Visual QuickStart Guide, the more expensive but definitely recommended The Missing Manual and finally and expensive Training CD-Rom.

iMovie and iDVD

A lot of iMovie and iDvd’s books are combined into one book since they go together very well. The advantage of this is that you get two books in one. Once again there is the The Missing Manual and the Visual QuickStart Guide.


There is quite a few books for Garageband, a lot of them are out of date but out of the ones that are useful I recommend GarageBand for Dummies, GarageBand ’08 Power! and finally The Missing Manual


There isn’t a lot of books regarding iWeb, similar to the previous section iWeb is new and not many people have written about it. From what I have found there is two recommend products iWeb ’08 Essential Training and .Mac with iWeb Visual Quickstart Guide

In Store

I know for a fact that the Apple Stores do a lot of workshops and help groups realting to iLife and its products, I have been to one. You can either ask an in store employee about the products, they are usually very helpful or you can go to one of workshops. If you look through this page there is a lot of references and workshops relating to all of the apps. I am sure one of them will meet your needs.


We are finally at the end of this post. To be perfectly honest I thought there would be more resources for the iLife suite, there doesn’t seem that many websites dedicated to the apps. Usually the best to find a solution is to play around with the program and see what you can come up with. If you know of any website resource please leave a comment below.

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