Quick Printer Tip For The Dock 4


Quick Printer Tip For The Dock


This is just a quick usability tip for anyone who prints a lot of documents and is annoyed by the printer icon in the dock. As you may know when you print a document it will send it to the printer. The printer will then show itself in your dock. Here you can manage what you are printing and if you decide you don’t want something coming out of it you can quickly cancel it. When you finish printing the icon will still stay in the dock which can get annoying.

There is a quick way to remove it. Other than selecting the application and then quitting it the normal way, if you right click on printer dock icon, and select “Auto Quit” as shown in the image below the icon will disappear once as a document is printed. Handy.

I am going to look to see if there is an option to stop the icon appearing at all. I am sure there is a Terminal trick out there that can do this sort of thing. If I find anything at all i’ll have a post up.

If you are looking for a cheap printer I recommend the Epson R300 as shown. Its a good little printer and works really well. Has all the funky features such as printing to CD’s etc. As well as this it works surprising well with my Mac. I just plugged it in and all the features came up.

P.S Its revision time at the moment for Uni, hence the short tip. Longer ones should be coming soon when I finish exams in two weeks.

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