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Quickly Print Files From Finder


I am for ever sending files to the printer, for what ever reason, I want a quick way to print those files from Finder. Usually you would have to open the file in your chosen application, what for everything to load, go to print and then pick it up. That takes to long. This post will show you two quick ways to print a file without the need to setup all of the various settings. It will throw it out of your printer as quick as possible.

The first method is to use the print dialogue menu from the File menu within Finder. When you click this button the file will load in its respective program (except if it is a PDF), it will then send it to print automatically. There is one problem with this, it will use you default printer. If you have many printers it may not send it to the one you want. This method is quick but you don’t have much control.

The second method which is much more accurate is to make icons on the desktop. Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax select your printer, then drag this to the desktop. Let you computer whirl, my Mac located up for a minute, you will then have a desktop icon of your printer. You can then drag files onto the icon and they will print out. If you do this for all of your printers you can quickly print any document you want.

There is one small caveat with this trick, it will open up the program the file is associated with. If you have a word document, Word will open. It will then print the file automatically. One small hiccup but another than that its pretty nifty. If you are on the look out for a printer I recommend this Epson one, I use it at Uni and it works like a charm.

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