Some Quick Photobooth Tips 1


Some Quick Photobooth Tips


One of the apps you always try out when you first get a Mac is Photobooth. The web cam application which you used to take a picture of yourself and everyone around you. Photobooth isn’t a complex bit of software as a result it doesn’t have many tips and tricks associated with it. Below I have two which you may find interesting.

Disable Flash in Photo Booth

Disabling flash in PhotoBooth is really easy all you have to do is hold the Shift key while you click to take a picture and the screen will not flash white.

Disable Countdown in Photo Booth

Disabling the picture count down in PhotoBooth is just a matter of holding down the Option key while you click to take a picture, your photo will take immediately.

You can combine the keystrokes by holding down Option-Shift and you’ll immediately take a picture without the flash.

Two useful quick tips which can make life using Photobooth just that bit quicker. I like disabling the countdown option for a rapid timelapse photography of myself.

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