Today – iCal’s Little Helper 8


Today – iCal’s Little Helper


I was approached by the guys at Second Gear Software to review their cool little app. I was only to happy to oblige. Hopefully in the next couple on days I should be launching a quick competition to give away a couple of licenses. In a nutshell Today is a small little application designed to show you quickly what you have on your calendar. Its a quick little application that is useful if you have a massive amount of calendars and want a simple clean view.

The app is very simple, its made up one window (plus one preference window) and is designed to show your calendar events in a simple list. The window is designed to show your calendars easily and simply. For instance each item is clearly labeled from the calendar it belongs to (you can turn specific ones on or off) and the date. There are some smaller features which you can use to adjust the output (such as opacity).

This type of application is useful. Although it is probably best suited to people have hundreds of calendar items. This program does have a lot of features that you can slowly find out and use. For the $15 price point its pretty good. Try it out yourself. Although I can give you a basic overview, its best if you try it out yourself.

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