Welcome New Sponsor – iShowU 0


Welcome New Sponsor – iShowU


This is a quick post to say “Hi” and “Thanks” to iShowU for sponsoring this site. As it is customary I am going to give a little bit of background about the product. iShowU are the creators of the very popular screen capturing program. You set the program going, and it will record everything on screen. Very useful for screen casts and anything to do with showing people what is going on your Mac. I have used this program before although I have not used the recent versions (I have no use for the program at the moment).

If you have a website or product yourself and you would like to feature it on this site, head over to the BuySellAds page, where you can see this sites details and the opportunity to purchase a slot. The current rate is $65 for the month. There are a couple left although these may be taken up in the near future.

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