Windows Boot Camp “Disk Error” On Install 13


Windows Boot Camp “Disk Error” On Install


If you follow my Twitter feed at all you will notice that I had trouble installing Windows on Boot Camp. I like a Windows installation because I can play all of the latest games. I was having a problem during the install with a “Disk Error”, it was a big pain in the ass to be honest. I had a new fresh game sitting on my desk for a couple of days and I couldn’t play it. Anyway I found the solution, which as always was surprisingly simple.

During install you will be asked to format your disk. The image is similar to the one below. Being the kind of guy who doesn’t like to wait and never reads instructions I hit skip. I thought that the disk was already formatted correctly and I could just skip the process. This, of course is the wrong mind set.

You do need to format the disk using the installer. For some reason Windows needs to do something special to the disk during the formatting process, using the Mac version of FAT32 simply won’t work. You can at this point either use the Quick format or the normal format to make sure it will load. I don’t think it matters.

So there you go, 2 wasted days for not hitting the right menu choice. As a final note I will recommend keeping the disk as FAT32 so you can write to it from Mac, as well as this I also recommend reading the Boot Camp instructions with this very same error.

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