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Open More Than One Instance Of An App 1


Open More Than One Instance Of An App

A quick Terminal tip today. If you have ever needed a second or third window in a specific application it can be kinda hard. Most applications don’t let you do it due to design reasons. However for some more mundane apps it may be useful to have a second window.

Find File’s In Use On Disk Images 2


Find File’s In Use On Disk Images

One of the annoying things about using disk images or disks on a Mac is the inevitability of files been open when you want to eject the image. This means you can’t eject the disk, and you spent twenty minutes closing every application until you find one that is the culprit. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a handy Terminal command you can input to find the open files.

Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down 3


Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down

The title sounds like an oxymoron but in theory, this method can actually speed up a login. A login process usually follows these lines; you enter your password, it authenticate you. You are then let in and it begins to load items like the Finder, Dock and other essential processes. The final step is to load all of the apps you have set to load at login. This is where you computer can slow down, the other steps you can’t do a lot about. If you have 10 applications you want to launch at login your Mac can grind to a halt, simply because you really stress your hard drive. If you can time when you want to applications to launch you can speed up the login as a whole.

Mac Videos – A Cool New Site 0


Mac Videos – A Cool New Site

I was approached by the guys at Mac Video Training a couple of weeks ago about having a look at their products. This post is going to be a little review of the videos that produce and a general overview of the site. I generally like reviewing and using new apps, they are always fun.

Getting Round Pasting Problems 1


Getting Round Pasting Problems

First off sorry for the lack of posting over the last couple of days, one thing after another piled up and I had to clear the back log. I had all of the intentions but not the time. Anyway this is going to be a quick post to get me back into the routine. The aim of this post is to highlight a couple of quick tricks to speed up copy and pasting text data and retaining the formatting. How many times have you copied something and the fonts were way out and looked stupid. Hopefully this quick trick will help you out.

Mac Apps For Being An Efficient User 4


Mac Apps For Being An Efficient User

I like working efficiently I try to do everything as fast as possible with the minimum amount of fuss, this way I can do more with my time. As a result I pick Mac apps that can help me speed up my day to day life. This includes apps that do certain jobs for me, or apps that enable me to cut corners, its not a specific list on how to do one thing quickly and easily. Hopefully you will agree with my list and try out a couple. If you have anymore you want to add to the list please leave a comment. I haven’t done lists in a while so I thoughts I would do one today since I have some free time.

iTunes Style Theme For Leopard 0


iTunes Style Theme For Leopard

This post is a semi request by MacTips, he asked in the previous post how I got the iTunes style scroll bars in the window. The answer is really simple (a lot simpler than the method I original used) and I am quite pleased with the effect. Although the install is simple to use, it does move around system files, as a result I wouldn’t recommend doing anything on a machine you really can’t live without.

Why You Should Have Growl Installed 14


Why You Should Have Growl Installed

I have been using Growl for a very long time now. Its one of the best Operating System “Plug-ins” you can get for the Mac. Growl is not really an application in the sense that you use it all the time, but it runs in the background and gives you useful information from applications. Applications have to support using Growl, but the list is ever growing and it isreally useful, as a result you should have it installed.

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