Controlling The Visualiser in iTunes 3


Controlling The Visualiser in iTunes


I have been meaning to do this post for a long while now but I have never got round to it. The iTunes visualiser is a really interesting feature for iTunes 8. Its a big upgrade from the previous version. Accompanying the upgrade is a new set of controls. These controls change how the visualiser looks and works. If you are new to iTunes you may not know many of these keys. This post will hopefully example them to you.

? Toggle Help

This shows, as in the image above the help list, useful if you forget a shortcut.

M Change Mode

Changes how the visualiser looks, its basically changes between different types of swirls.

P Change Palette

The colour of the visualiser.

I Display Track Information

Shows a heads up display of the current track with album art and other track information.

C Toggle Auto Cycle

Cycles between the different visualisations, if you like one particular theme you press this button.

F Toggle Freeze Mode

Freezes the visualiser, it doesn’t do any movements other than panning the camera.

N Toggle Nebula Mode

Turns on or off the cloud in the background.

L Toggle Camera Lock

Locks the camera position. If you press F and L not a lot happens.

If you want to take iTunes a bit further I recommend iPod & iTunes For Dummies its a good book and I have featured a couple of the tips and tricks before.

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