Getting Round Pasting Problems 1


Getting Round Pasting Problems


First off sorry for the lack of posting over the last couple of days, one thing after another piled up and I had to clear the back log. I had all of the intentions but not the time. Anyway this is going to be a quick post to get me back into the routine. The aim of this post is to highlight a couple of quick tricks to speed up copy and pasting text data and retaining the formatting. How many times have you copied something and the fonts were way out and looked stupid. Hopefully this quick trick will help you out.

The first trick is a simple shortcut one. In some Cocoa apps, and possibly others, there is an option to “Paste And Match Stye” for example in TextEdit it will remove all of the formatting when the text is pasted. This option is activated by Shift + Alt + Command + V. It doesn’t work in all applications, but look out for the option.

The second trick, which is more intensive, is to copy the text into a text editor which will remove all of the formatting and then copy the text out of that app. For instance if you open TextEdit and select Make Plain Text under Format. Then paste in your text, select all using Command + A and then paste in your app it will remove all of the formatting for you. Its a bit of a long method but will work in any application that doesn’t have a remove formatting feature.

Hopefully you can understand the methods involved and I am making myself clear. Its a useful little trick, especially the second one, which I use all of the time. Its great for URL’s when you want to paste them somewhere and not have all of the URL information associated with it tag a long.

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