Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide 0


Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide


It seems my introduction posts are well received, you guys seem to enjoy them. This weeks introduction is to iWork, the popular package which accompanies iLife, all about documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This post will follow the usual format of where you can find resources about this program. It will have resources in the app itself, online, in a book and in store. Each section will be broken down for easy location.

In The App

As usual the first place to check for help is using help within each individual application. The help on iWork is detailed and as a result it is a good way for you to start off. Have a glance through it so you can get a feel for the program.


The best place to find help is online. Apple’s website has extensive tutorials on the subject of iWork. As well as this there is also a section dedicated to tutorials. Here you can take your knowledge a bit further.

Another really good resource, although you do have to pay, is VTC. They offer a large range of video tutorials and related information. It may be useful to yourself if you watch a video rather than read a book or tutorial. Currently they only have iWork ’08 up, although I am sure iWork ’09 will appear sometime in the future. I also recommend Lynda tutorials, they are equally as good. For example check out the Numbers Videos, on the site, plenty of videos to keep you occupied.

In A Book

I personally prefer learning a new program in a book. This is because I can read it when I am away from my computer in my own leisure. There isn’t a great collection of books out there but there is a couple that you could check out. First there is the iWork ’09: The Missing Manual and Apple Training Series: iWork 09. If you want something more unique you could buy iWork ’09 Portable Genius. Its not yet out but it looks a new and interesting book, something different.

In Store

The final place to check out is in store. They will have tutorials, workshops and other events which show you how to learn and use iWork. iWork is a key part of Apple’s software line up so all the staff are trained in working with the software. They should be able to answer most of the basic questions.

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