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iTunes Style Theme For Leopard


This post is a semi request by MacTips, he asked in the previous post how I got the iTunes style scroll bars in the window. The answer is really simple (a lot simpler than the method I original used) and I am quite pleased with the effect. Although the install is simple to use, it does move around system files, as a result I wouldn’t recommend doing anything on a machine you really can’t live without.

The first step is to download iLeopard. Its an app specifically designed to change your current theme into an iTunes one. If you don’t want to go through the entire step I recommend the easy method, if you want to fine tune the settings go for the advance set up. However there is a lot of settings and you may get sightly overwhelmed.

If you want to preview the results there is all of the settings in the read me file. It gives you a good overview of what is happening, however there is so many settings that you can never full appreciate what the final theme will look like.

The only problem I have with this theme is the close, minimise and maximise buttons. In terms of graphic quality they don’t look as good as everything else. Its only a minor thing, but it spoils the whole lay out.

Try this theme hack out see what you think. There is an uninstaller if you don’t like things so you can go back to the original. If you want to hack your Mac there is a couple of cool books on Amazon both Big Book of Apple Hacks and Hacking Mac OS X Tiger are good reads.

Edit: My bad, I forgot to include the link. You can find it here.

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