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Mac Apps For Being An Efficient User


I like working efficiently I try to do everything as fast as possible with the minimum amount of fuss, this way I can do more with my time. As a result I pick Mac apps that can help me speed up my day to day life. This includes apps that do certain jobs for me, or apps that enable me to cut corners, its not a specific list on how to do one thing quickly and easily. Hopefully you will agree with my list and try out a couple. If you have anymore you want to add to the list please leave a comment. I haven’t done lists in a while so I thoughts I would do one today since I have some free time.

1) Quicksilver

Probably the must have for any  Mac user who wants to be efficient as possible and any Mac user for a matter of fact. Its a background program that enables you to quickly and easily string commands together to run on your Mac. It enables you, for example, to quickly open program, runs scripts and do practically anything. You can download the program here.

2) Keycue

Although this program doesn’t directly speed up how you use your Mac, it does enable you to quickly find handy shortcuts. I have reviewed this program a long while ago, you can find the post here, its a great way to learn methods and tips to be a quicker Mac user. It take a long time to go to a menu item that could be ten levels deep (for example), its a lot easier to use a shortcut. Save yourself some time by using Keycue instead of looking online.

3) Growl

You don’t have to actively use a program to be an efficient Mac user, for example you can receive quite a lot of data passively and make a simple decision. I reviewed Growl the other day, and its a method of recieving data in efficent popups on screen. Quite a lot of applications support it, I find its a great way to recieve data and then process it. Having said that, every so often when I do get bombarded with popups it can be annoying.

4) Dockables

There are two types of people who either love the dock or don’t. I really like the dock if I had to put myself into a group. I find it a quick method of gaining access to information and programs. Over the last couple of days I have been using Dockables, they are small icons which you can use to quickly and easily run commands. There are hundreds of ways in which you can run commands, but what is easier than running they straight from your dock. On a side note, if you have lots of scripts you can place them in a folder and have a list stack to quickly and easily access them.

5) Skitch

I love taking photos, as I am sure you do. Many people like to take pictures to share them with their friends on Twitter or Facebook. A really simple way of working with photos is Skitch, its a recommended program by practically everyone.

6) Bokeh

A personal favourite of mine. I use it to clear all of the background noise when I am trying to work. In a nutshell its a program which can pause programs from using CPU cycles, this enables you to dedicate more CPU programs and shut apps up that you don’t want to close. An example of this is pausing Adium, its still running so I can quickly open it again, but it stops it constantly bugging me when people log on and off.

7) Main Menu

Similar to Dockables in a way, MainMenu is a menu bar application that can really stream line working with background clean up tasks. Its designed to run disk repairs, clearing font caches and a lot of other stuff. It enables you to quick get basic tasks done without the need to do them yourself.

8) Geek Tool

For the ultimate geek and one that wants to be able to really get as much useful information out there computer as possible a tool like GeekTool is a must have. It enables you to set your desktop up to be a haven for data. You can quickly see any Terminal command output you want. As a result you can efficently gain access to information such as CPU load and other things without having to run any other programs.

If you have any more (I am sure you do) please post a comment below. I am looking for more general applications which can improve how you use your Mac, rather than ones specifically designed to one program.

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