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Mac Videos – A Cool New Site


I was approached by the guys at Mac Video Training a couple of weeks ago about having a look at their products. This post is going to be a little review of the videos that produce and a general overview of the site. I generally like reviewing and using new apps, they are always fun.

If you have been looking for help on any subject on the Mac you may have come across a couple of video sites that enable you to download specific video on the subject you are looking for. The problem with these video sites is they tend to be a little bit expensive. This is where Mac Video Training comes in. Its a cheaper alternative, and from the videos I have looked at are just as good.

There is a variety of videos series which you can look at, all are quick starts and introductions to various different subjects. For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to look at the Quickstart Your Mac, since that is the one I downloaded. I assume the others ones are similar in nature.

Once as you have downloaded the package, which comes in around 300mb, you will have a special app which holds all of the flash videos. The videos themselves are not super high quality but are good enough so you can clearly see the detail of the applications and what they are talking about.

The application is actually very good, the videos are nicely laid out into specific sections so you can quickly and easily navigate to each one. The actual content of the videos is useful to. Although it is a bit basic for some one who has used a Mac before, for a newbie its probably worth while. I recommend you preview the videos before you buy. There isn’t many previews but you can get a hang of how the videos work and look.

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