Open More Than One Instance Of An App 1


Open More Than One Instance Of An App


A quick Terminal tip today. If you have ever needed a second or third window in a specific application it can be kinda hard. Most applications don’t let you do it due to design reasons. However for some more mundane apps it may be useful to have a second window.

To activate this little hack you need a quick Terminal line. There is some associated problems with this trick. For instance it may not work if the first app is using a lock files. As well as this it may also cause some errors if you are using files. Try it out with your chosen application. It may work perfectly fine.

In Terminal type the following

open -n /Applications/[app name].app

The -n refers to “new” so it will open a new instance of the application.

This type of trick is pretty useful, however it may not work if every app. Try it out and see if it was useful to yourself.

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