Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down 3


Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down


The title sounds like an oxymoron but in theory, this method can actually speed up a login. A login process usually follows these lines; you enter your password, it authenticate you. You are then let in and it begins to load items like the Finder, Dock and other essential processes. The final step is to load all of the apps you have set to load at login. This is where you computer can slow down, the other steps you can’t do a lot about. If you have 10 applications you want to launch at login your Mac can grind to a halt, simply because you really stress your hard drive.  If you can time when you want to applications to launch you can speed up the login as a whole.

Actually implementing this method is very simple. Instead of having all of your login items with your account setting in System Preferences you replace it with an Autormator Script. Here you can fine tune the launch time. The first, as you may have guessed, is to launch Automator.

You only need to use two Actions, pause and launch application. Using the search tool add either pause or launch application into the workflow. Depending on how long your computer takes to log in you will probably want to add the pause action first. Add a couple of seconds to the timer. Then set the application to launch. Repeat with every application you use. You should have a workflow similar to the one below.

Add all the application you use. Once as you get used to how long applications take to load you can fine tune the order and the timings in between.

The final step is to add the script to your login items. Go to System Preferences > Accounts > [Name] > Login Items. Delete the the apps you want to load and replace it with your script. Done.

Although it may seem backwards by spacing things out you allow your computer more time to access the disk. Imagine splitting your time trying to load five applications at once, rather than five applications on after another. The latter is a lot quicker.

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