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Syncplicity – Start Syncing Your Files


I was asked to review Syncplicity for Mac a couple of days ago. Since they wanted me to hold off a couple of days before I released the review I have had a good chance to try out the service. As the title implies Syncplicity is software which you can use to sync your files between computers and the web. It similar to Sugar Sync which I reviewed back in July and works in much the same way. Its designed for people who want to keep certain files sync’d correctly between computers and the web.

Syncing Files

Using this app is pretty simple. Once you download the software and install the app you are ready to go. First you have to link your computer to the service. This service works by uploading any files to Syncplicity, which can then distribute these files to other computer connected to your account. That way every computer and folder has the correct file.

The actual application composes of a menu bar item and a right click option. There isn’t a dock icon in sight. To sync a folder to the web service, you right click on any folder you want to sync and select the More option and press Sync to Syncplicity. It will then whirr away as it uploads the files. The uploading and downloading of the file is blindingly quick, it maxed out my connection.

You can now access all your files on the net and any other computers in which you have connected to your account.


Its quite hard to explain all of the features of this program and give you a good overview of the program. You really have to try it out for yourself. It I was to explain everything I would be going on for pages. From what I have gathered there are a couple of problems with this app. For instance the overlay icons which designate which folders are being sync’d could be a little less obvious and not get in the way as much. As well as this I feel there could be more help in using this program when you first start it. For a first time user who wants to dive right in it is a little complicated.


With any application there are improvements, for instance there could be a normal installer instead of one which you have to use to pick a drive (one typical found on Windows). As well as this there could be a dock icon and normal program. There are a couple of windows which come with the menu bar icon and you can’t Command + Tab into them, a preference pane would be useful in this section.


This application is well rounded. Its well built and doesn’t have major flaws in it. It is also well priced. For free you get a 2Gb account, if you want to increase this storage space you do have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or $99 a year. For what you do get it it well worth the price.

Like I have said before I could write pages on this application but you will never get a feeling for it. Download the app see what you think. It is probably only useful to anyone doesn’t have the technical know how to set something like this up themselves with a web server or an Amazon S3 account.

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