Why You Should Have Growl Installed 14


Why You Should Have Growl Installed


I have been using Growl for a very long time now. Its one of the best Operating System “Plug-ins” you can get for the Mac. Growl is not really an application in the sense that you use it all the time, but it runs in the background and gives you useful information from applications. Applications have to support using Growl, but the list is ever growing and it is really useful, as a result you should have it installed.

Growl gives you select information from specific applications. For example Adium, the popular IM account will tell you when you get a new message through Growl. The Growl pop up can appear on any part of your screen, as a result its an unobtrusive way of receiving information. It similar to the pop up bubbles on Windows, except not as annoying.

Once you have installed Growl you can customize the way it looks, and operates. There isn’t million of settings but you can set it up to work how you want to. There is some default themes, but an ever growing list of custom themes which you can tweak to how you want.

One of the coolest themes which you can install is the iPhonesque theme. Its similar to the iPhone pop up style on an iPhone, I really like it. Its a cool theme which shows you how cool Growl can be.

This is a bit of a wishy washy post, but I wanted to high light why you should install this application. It is really useful and I recommend you install it. The best way to learn about this app is to pay around with it. If you find any cool tips please leave a comment below.

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