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Show Only Active Apps In The Dock 5


Show Only Active Apps In The Dock

Here is another quick tip that may be useful to anyone who doesn’t like the current design of the Dock. The ability to only show applications that are running. Personally I think this reduces the point of the Dock, but people have different opinions. If you want to show only running applications type into Terminal.

Address Book Tips 5


Address Book Tips

I use address book on an occasional basis. It is one of those applications which is really useful if you remember to use it. Anyway this post is going to be a collection of tips that are not the most obvious but really useful. They are in no particular order. If you have a cool one of your own to add, please leave a comment below.

Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox 9


Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox

A quick tip this evening. Since quite a lot of people use Firefox (the majority of the visitors to this site are Firefox Users), its always useful to know a quick little trick if your browser is slowing down. I found this trick as a solution to my browser slowing down, some times it would take about 20 minutes to load on a really bad day. Its all related to your history.

Quickly Summarize Articles And Text 6


Quickly Summarize Articles And Text

Sorry for the black hole of no posts over the last couple of days, if you have been following my Twitter feed I have been bogged down by work all week. Since the weekend is here I have a little bit of time to spare. This is going to be a quick trick which I have found more and more useful every time I use it. Its called Summarize under the services menu. As the name states it is a brilliant way of cutting down articles to get to the core text.

Only Select Certain Parts Of Text 6


Only Select Certain Parts Of Text

This is only a quick post today. Once again Uni work seems to get the better of me. I try and do a post every couple of days, but most of time I have loads of work on and have no time at all. Anyway todays simple trick is a method which you can use to select only certain parts of text. For instance instead of selecting a whole line, with this method you can select every other line.

Get iTunes Songs From Amazon 0


Get iTunes Songs From Amazon

This cool little application as brought to my attention by Steve. Its an application designed to take you automatically to the Amazon MP3 Store from iTunes. The idea behind this is that you can usally get the MP3 a lot cheaper on Amazon, as a result you can save some money. A simple little application which could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Make Massive Posters From One Image 0


Make Massive Posters From One Image

I try not to post to many reviews on apps on this site, most go on, however this app is really cool and I thought I should feature it here. If you can’t guess the nature of this post by the title, this app is designed to split up an image andseparate them onto multiple pages, as a result you can make huge cool posters to cover those bare walls.

Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource 7


Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing an Introduction Series to practically everything. I have covered Applescript, Automator plus the iLife and iWork packages. Today I am going to feature Xcode, the application which many programs use to build the very apps on your Mac. I have been reading about the app and general program for Mac for a while. I may eventually get into writing a program myself. Anyway this post is going to feature all of the introductory tools I have used to get started, plus a couple more that I found. As is usual with these posts I will feature places on the web, and in books.

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