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Address Book Tips


I use address book on an occasional basis. It is one of those applications which is really useful if you remember to use it. Anyway this post is going to be a collection of tips that are not the most obvious but really useful. They are in no particular order. If you have a cool one of your own to add, please leave a comment below.

1) Large Type

A really cool tip if you want to make your telephone massive on your screen so you can show a work mate or find it hard to see the small text when you dial the phone. Right click on left hand section of the phone number, the one that says “home”, “work” etc. Then select large type. An image similar to the one below will be shown across the screen.

2) Email Contacts On Updates

If you change your details irregularly it may be useful to email you contacts with new information to keep them in the loop. To set this up go to the Preferences dialog (Address Book > Preferences), then in the General tab select the “Notify people when my card changes” option.

3) Remove Duplicates

Duplicates are a bit of a pain. If you update one, but not the other you could be using incorrect information. To get around this problem, you can remove duplicates. Select Card > Look For Duplicates, here it will search your address book and delete and duplicates.

4) Map An Address

One of the coolest features on Address Book is the ability to map any location with Google Maps. Simply right click on any address and select “Map Of” it will then load your default browser and show you a map of the location.

5) Print Envelopes

Since Word or other applications can be such a pain for printing envelopes use the one built into Address Book for ease and simplicity. Simply follow these instructions, in a previous post.

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