Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource 7


Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource


Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing an Introduction Series to practically everything. I have covered Applescript, Automator plus the iLife and iWork packages. Today I am going to feature Xcode, the application which many programs use to build the very apps on your Mac. I have been reading about the app and general program for Mac for a while. I may eventually get into writing a program myself. Anyway this post is going to feature all of the introductory tools I have used to get started, plus a couple more that I found. As is usual with these posts I will feature places on the web, and in books.


Normally I would feature a small section about finding help in the specific application. Having looked through the help section of Xcode I have found that it is not very helpful. As a result I am going to skip it and go straight to help online.

There are two places I would definitely check out if you are going to be using Xcode. The first is Apple’s very own website for Xcode. If you don’t have the install CD the developer website is the best place to look. The next section is the tools section. There is a more general section, and a more detailed section, both are equally as good. The next place to check is BecomeAnXCoder. Its a brilliant eBook that is a must for anyone starting out. I have found it really useful.

As you start to use XCode more an more it may become handy to start to learn tips and tricks. The first place  I recommend is this help sheet, the next place is a getting started guide with Cocoa. Since you will be using Cocoa with Mac its useful to see how to use it.

The best place to learn how to use XCode on the web is to ask a specific question. You are more likely to find a good answer that way.

In A Book

One of the best place to find help for XCode is by reading it in a book. There are hundreds of top quality books out there which you can use. Ones people recommend include Xcode 3 Unleashed and Cocoa Programming for Mac. Since XCode is designed for various programming languages such as Objective-C books such as Programming in Objective-C 2.0 and C Programming Language are great buys. Have a look through Amazon and see what you find.

If you know of any more sources, please leave a comment below.

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