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Make Massive Posters From One Image


I try not to post to many reviews on apps on this site, most go on, however this app is really cool and I thought I should feature it here. If you can’t guess the nature of this post by the title, this app is designed to split up an image and separate them onto multiple pages, as a result you can make huge cool posters to cover those bare walls.

The app in question is called PosteRazor, its an open source app for pretty much every platform. There is lots of different versions of this type of program, but I am going to review this one, since it is simple to use and free.

You run through the process in 5 steps (+1 for printing). The first step is to pick your picture. I recommend a high definition image with lots of pixels. The bigger the starting image the better the final quality. Trying looking through Google Images or Wikipedia for one you like.

The next step is to set up your page size. You may have a funny sized printer or want to use some irregular special paper for the job. You can also set the orientation and borders. You can always go back and change and fine tune the settings.

The third step is to set the overlap. Depending on how good your cutting and sticking skills are you can change the overlap in cm (or specified units). You can also set the overlap position, for instance the images will overlap on the top left, bottom right and so on.

The most interesting step is the final poster size step. Here you can specify the size of your poster in pages. You can set the size in cm, percent or pages. The best way is to use the dials to change how big you want the image. You get a very useful preview of how big and how many pages you are using. For instance a 10000% increase of the Wall-E image below, will use nearly 390,000 pages and will be 19 x 90 meters in size. Awesome.

The final step is to save and print your image. You will be given a PDF which you can then print out, cut and stick onto a wall. After a lot of cutting and sticking you will end up with an image below. I only picked a small amount of pages because my printer was packing up.

You can see the joins in the pages, ignore the funny lines going across the page. My printer was deciding to have a day off and didn’t want to print anything in any decent quality. If I have a lot of time, paper and ink I may make a really large poster and stick it in the corridor.

I really like this app and I could spend all day playing with it, however I may need to buy a huge box of paper because I would soon run out.

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