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Only Select Certain Parts Of Text


This is only a quick post today. Once again Uni work seems to get the better of me. I try and do a post every couple of days, but most of time I have loads of work on and have no time at all. Anyway todays simple trick is a method which you can use to select only certain parts of text. For instance instead of selecting a whole line, with this method you can select every other line.

To use this simple trick simple press Command and then select the pieces of text. Keep Command press down for the duration of your text selection. If you release Command it will revert to normal text selection.

There is also some other cool text selection tips I might share with you. For explain if you press shift and then click within a line, it will select every thing up to your second click. E.G if you have the cursor at the beginning of the line and then shift click at the end it will select the whole line. This also works over multiple lines.

This type of trick, from my very brief means of testing works on most Cocoa apps. It will probably work on other type of programs since it seems to be a fairly fundamental principle. If you have any other related tips or trick please leave a comment below.

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