Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox 9


Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox


A quick tip this evening. Since quite a lot of people use Firefox (the majority of the visitors to this site are Firefox Users), its always useful to know a quick little trick if your browser is slowing down. I found this trick as a solution to my browser slowing down, some times it would take about 20 minutes to load on a really bad day. Its all related to your history.

Every time you visit a web page, every time, it will record the date and the site visited. If you browse a lot of pages every day this database will build up. After a while it can get to over 10,000 items in size, possibly more. Every time Firefox loads or does the majority of its actions it will access this database, as a result it will slow down.

To speed up Firefox delete you history, this way it doesn’t have to access the database, please note if you have a really long history it will take a long time to delete and will probably cause the app to hang. It is also a good tip to go to the Preferences > Privacy > History and set the time limit to a couple of days.

Like I have said, this is only a quick tip, but it is very useful and I have seen notable increases in speed.

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