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Quickly Summarize Articles And Text


Sorry for the black hole of no posts over the last couple of days, if you have been following my Twitter feed I have been bogged down by work all week. Since the weekend is here I have a little bit of time to spare. This is going to be a quick trick which I have found more and more useful every time I use it. Its called Summarize under the services menu. As the name states it is a brilliant way of cutting down articles to get to the core text.

To use Summarize select your text and paste it into TextEdit. You can probably use this option directly from other programs such as Safari, but the apps I use don’t have this option enabled. Select all of the text and go > TextEdit > Services > Summarize. The following dialog box such open. If you are using summarize in a different app you will have to use the Service menu under the app name.

As you can see the summary makes good sense. The source text is found in the word document behind the program.

You can change the size of summary by moving the slider left and right. The shorter the summary the more words that are cut out and the possibility that the article is no true to the source article. When you have finished you can either close the program or save the text out as a .rtf file for later use.

A very cool little program which I think is really useful. Over the next couple of days and weeks I will be doing more and more posts on the Services menu, which I think is one of the most under used features on a Mac.

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