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Close Apps After A Period Of Time 4


Close Apps After A Period Of Time

Here is a cool little trick that any coders and or Terminal users may find useful. If you want any script to wait for a period of time before it closes an application, this is the command you should use. Its really simple, there is probably better solutions to this problem, although this is quick and dirty.

Book Review – Switching To A Mac 0

Book Review

Book Review – Switching To A Mac

I haven’t done a book review on this blog so I thought I would give one a shot. I have just received a brand new copy of Switching To A Mac, A Portable Guide published by Wiley and written by Paul McFedries. Its a great little book which I have been reading over the last couple of days. If you want to pick up a copy the best place is Amazon where you can get a copy nice and cheap.

Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper in Preview 2


Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper in Preview

In the previous post on this site I mentioned about 99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers, most of the wallpapers were specifically designed to be iPhone wallpapers. In this post I want to show you how easy it is to turn any image on your Mac, into one designed and set up correctly for the iPhone. This tutorial is designed to take a picture of your favourite car or family member and crop it to the right size.

99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers 13


99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

Its been quite a while isn’t I have done a list post. Todays post is going to be featuring some amazing iPhone and iTouch wallpapers. I currently don’t have an iPhone because I can’t afford one, however I do know good design when I see it. All afternoon I have been searching the web for good designs that work on the small canvas that is the iPhones screen space.

Make Your Own iPhone Interface Mockup 0


Make Your Own iPhone Interface Mockup

I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, I had a fun time doing nothing, while eating a lot of chocolate. Anyway, I found this while I was happily surfing the web. Its a Photoshop file which you can use to make a very detailed and realistic mockup of the iPhone’s interface.

Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide 3


Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide

Following in the series of introducing new users to various parts of the operating system, todays topic is iTunes. I love iTunes. I think it is one of the best music playing applications out there. For any new users to a Mac or even the app this guide will hopefully show you a couple of places on the web which can be useful pointers to increasing your knowledge. This post will be split into the usual four sections, in the App, Online, in a book and in store.

Limiting Bandwidth With A Simple App 1


Limiting Bandwidth With A Simple App

If you are a subscriber of this blog (you should be!), I mentioned about throttling bandwidth using Terminal. This trick was designed so certain ports would be throttled at different speeds. As a result you could manage how much each type of service could get. That trick used Terminal, since many people are not comfortable using Terminal I found a simple app that does exactly the same thing.

Drop Down List Of Words In Safari 6


Drop Down List Of Words In Safari

It was difficult to find a summarizing sentence for how cool this little trick is. In a nutshell, if you have a word in any Safari text box, such as the one used for searching on this site. When you press F5 a large list of words will appear, as shown in the image below.

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