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Book Review

Book Review – Switching To A Mac


I haven’t done a book review on this blog so I thought I would give one a shot. I have just received a brand new copy of Switching To A Mac, A Portable Guide published by Wiley and written by Paul McFedries. Its a great little book which I have been reading over the last couple of days. If you want to pick up a copy the best place is Amazon (UK) where you can get a copy nice and cheap.

The book is made up of 11 chapters plus the index. These are split up into “What Is The Different Between Mac And Windows”, ” Which Applications Do I Use”, ” How Do I Perform Everyday Tasks”, “How Do I Transfer E-mail etc”, “How Do I move Other Data”, “How Do I Work With Files And Folders”, “How Do I Connect Devices”, “How Do I Perform Mac Maintenance”, “How Can I Solve Mac Problems”, “How Can I Share Data Between Windows” and “How Can I Run Windows”. You can find more information in each of the chapters in this PDF file.

As mentioned each chapter focuses on a specific section. It is designed so you can find out how to do something very specific. For the new user it is very useful. Especially to people who are not that tech savvy.

Each chapter will start out relatively simple, for instance it will tell you how to update your iPod. It will then move on how to update podcasts, movies and other features linking with other applications. The chapter will then move onto different items. There is a lot of detail within each small section.

Most items will be accompanied with an image, various notes plus a detailed bullet point list. If you want to read a sample chapter check it out here. Every chapter is well written and has loads of supporting data. The entire book is really meaty weighing in at 363 pages. There is lots of supporting material such as tables of shortcuts and online resources.

Overall this book is well written. I like how it is laid out and set up. For the new user it is great. However for anyone who has used a Mac for a couple of weeks I don’t think this book is that useful. I think it is really useful for people who have received a Mac as a present or as a new purchase and has never used one before. I would also like to see more tricks and general tips, however I think that is out of the scope of the book.

If you are new to the Mac system, this book is well worth it. You can find it for the best price at Amazon. There is also a couple of other books by the publisher focusing on different topics. I assume each one is similar in nature. The books are quite small in size so you can easily put it in a bag or laptop case enabling you to take it anywhere. Its not the size of an encyclopedia so you can quickly check back to it at a later date.

Its quite hard to give a more detailed review without rambling. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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