Drop Down List Of Words In Safari 6


Drop Down List Of Words In Safari


It was difficult to find a summarizing sentence for how cool this little trick is. In a nutshell, if you have a word in any Safari text box, such as the one used for searching on this site. When you press F5 a large list of words will appear, as shown in the image below.

Edit: It seems this trick works in all Cocoa apps. Should have checked that.

This is very useful if you have a good idea of the word you want but you can’t quite finish it.

From my limited amount of testing it will search using the letters before the cursor. For instance using the image above it has found every word it knows beginning with “ma”. This is because I hit F5 when the cursor was after the letter “a”. If the cursor is after the letter “c” it will find all words beginning if “mac” and so on.

Its very useful and I can see myself using this type of trick. I have tested this in Safari 3, I assume it is in the later version. If you know of any similar trick. Please leave a comment below.

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